The beauty of the Bridge game

Nowadays, bridge systems are quite sophisticated and make it possible to exchange a lot of important information.

Every system is designed to deal with as many distributions as possible. But even with the best system, you may need a little help from the opponents. Learn how with Pro Bridge Lessons

Also, there are different strategies at the various stages of a tournament. It doesn’t all come down to the bidding, there is much more – the leading, declaring, and defense.

Let’s see how many techniques and strategies we can find in a single hand.

This is the deal:

The beauty of the Bridge game

todi design

Let’s take a look at the bidding.


2He = Natural and game forcing. It is possible to start with 4Cl = void, but having only four-card support we believe that 3Hearts is the best bid.

2NT =  Shows the minors. It is a very helpful bid … but for the opponents. Overalls in Game-Forcing auctions usually help the opponents to figure out the right distribution and place the honor correctly. Yes, sometimes you may find a good sacrifice but not on this board.

DBL = Penalty over one of the minors

3NT = Mild Slam Try

4Cl = Cue

4He = Cue in Hearts + Q or singleton of Clubs

Overall, aggressive bidding.

In a normal situation, we may not be there, but we have a good reason to bid this slam. It is the second half of the 64-boards knockout match and we are leading 35 imps in the first. We highly suspect that the opponents at the other table will reach the same contract, it is a well-known strategy when you are falling behind 35 imps.

Our partnership exchanges some information during the bidding but maybe not enough for the opponents to find the best lead. The best lead is the Jack or small Diamonds and the second-best is a heart. With Jack of Diamonds lead, you can cut the communications for the squeeze in the end. With a heart lead you can manage to ruff one heart after winning the K of Spades, in case the Declarer makes the finesse in Spades suit.

Of course, if he suspects the hearts ruffing situation, he may play Ace and another spade. So they lead a small club. After the club lead, I ruff, play the Jack of Spades, lose from the King. South returns another spade. Because of the bidding, I know that North has the minors, and he has two spades. That gives him maximum one heart and the Q of Hearts is easy to catch. This is the 11th trick and I need one more. The 12th trick may come from the Diamond-Clubs’ squeeze of the North hand if he has both Ace and King of clubs. And this is the layout at the table.

All this hard work for push board)). The slam was bid at 10 out of 16 tables but made only at both tables in our match.

The Beauty of The Bridge Game explained by Diyan Danailov.

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