FEB 19 2017. We played in the final of Vth Cavendish Monaco.


After two days of qualifications between 64 world-class pairs, the first twenty-two pairs played the final.

We entered in the final at 8th place, so this gave us a carry-over of 185 imps across the field. The leaders entered the final with an impressive 700 imps across the field. Looking at the results it was obvious that the task was very difficult.

Knowing the results from the past years, if the leaders managed to keep their score they could easily win the competition. There are no impossible things, though.


Calmness, concentration and let’s go for it.


The very first board gives us an advantage. Playing Precision Club system, in the very fast tempo we end-up in 4 Hearts from South hand, having fit in both majors.

Cavendish 2017 winner Diyan Danailov

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The very first board gives us an advantage. Playing Precision Club system, in the very fast tempo we end-up in 4 Hearts from South hand, having fit in both majors.

cavendish 2017 winner Diyan Danailov1

The quality of the trump suit, opportunity to establish tricks from any other side-suit, the Diamond shortness with the short trump makes the 4 Hearts much better than 4 Spades. Only two pairs from the final A manage to reach this contract. Little more work for declaring and we score 82 ipms.


No time for rest. Leaders’ advantage needs to be wiped out. Round No.3.

Bridge cavendish 2017 winner Diyan Danailov2

We face the leaders.

Boring first board. We reach 3 No Trump.  Very difficult lead for the player holding West hand. No one in the room can find the killing Diamond lead. I manage to deal with spades suit and we score 33 imps. The second board is very interesting.

how cavendish 2017 was won Diyan Danailov pro bridge lessons

We bid straight to 6 Clubs from the South hand. Perfect contract. Diamond and Spade lead gives the 12th trick immediately. West manages to escape the trap by leading 4 of Clubs. I draw two rounds of trumps end – up in my hand and now small heart towards the King. West has no winning options, if he plays the 10 then he must win the hearts continuation and underleads one of his Kings, giving away 12th trick, if he wins with the Ace of hearts this brings 12th trick right away.  We score 98 imps, but it is a double win because the leaders score -98 imps.

End of session 1 of 4. We are only 130 imps behind the leaders. But still surrounded by many top pairs.


Session 2. We manage to outplay one of the best in the field. Put yourself in opponents’shоеs. You hold the West’s hand:

bridge cavendish 2017 winner Diyan Danailov4

You have the feeling that you must bid one more time but your opponents bid like having all the remaining points, even more?.

Finally, after 2 minutes you decide to trust the opponents, not your sixth sense. And of course, that is wrong. It turns out that you are the one that makes a game, 5 diamonds are stone-cold.

This is the whole hand.

bridge cavendish 2017 winner Diyan Danailov5

After this session, we take the lead.

Session 3 of 4. We are first, but eight pairs can easily change the situation.

Board No.

bridge cavendish 2017 winner Diyan Danailov

I lead 4 of hearts, P wins and switches to a clubs, Q and A, Partner pitches the 5 of diamonds – he doesn’t like them and I get the message and play another club to promote the partner’s J or 109xxof spades.

This is teamwork.

Session 4 of 4.

Just stay calm and don’t do strange things.

And the win is here.


This is how CAVENDISH 2017 BRIDGE MONACO was won by Diyan Danailov.

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