What are the health benefits of the bridge game?

Nowadays more and more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle with specific attention to the food they eat, what activities they do and even who their friends are.

Is there any correlation between the healthy living and the bridge? There certainly is because the bridge game improves:


The mental health


Bridge is a mind game which helps people with increasing age keep their mental activity and significantly reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Results from clinical trials are described in detail in the article ‘Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly‘. It becomes clear that playing cards improve mental health especially at elderly popupation.


Logical thinking


Bridge requires players to follow very closely their partner and opponents’ bidding and play of hands. You need to be able to analyse very carefully but also very quickly each situation, to be able to apply the most suitable strategy to achieve the best results.




The game of bridge, regardless if played at live tournament or online requires complete concentration and attention to detail. Bidding and play of hands combined with the necessity of prompt adequate response are impossible without acute cognitive thinking and reasoning.




Bridge is a game of almost endless techniques and combinations. The need to remember each subsequent card and bid as well players’ reactions improves memory significantly. The memory improvement effect while playing bridge then helps us in the day to day life as we are able to remember more details easier. This help further strengthens our paying skills and creates a positive compounding effect.

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Attitude/ Social interaction


Bridge is a team game. Players should try to read their partner’s attitude as well as their opponents’. Patience and calm approach to the game is essential and equally important as knowing the rules. Usual practice for the players after the end of a tournament is to discuss with their partner and opponents the hands, any mistakes or missed opportunities.   Game is also a social game. Very often players attend their local bridge clubs or tournaments because they want to see their old friends or meet new people.




If a player has wrong attitude and poor communication with the rest of the players they will never become good at bridge. Any type of verbal or nonverbal communication can affects the partner’s concentration and attitude which ultimately influences the end result.


To be physically and mentally healthy and to live a balanced life is what we all aim for. The game of bridge without a doubt helps us get closer to this goal.


I do think that bridge is the most interesting mind gаme that you can play at the bridge club near me, have bridge lessons near me ,live tournaments and competitions, as well as online. The game gives you endless possibilities to learn and improve and learning the rules is just the first step towards this dynamic and captivating world – the world of bridge. I am proud to be part of it, are you?

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Source of research  ‘Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly‘  read the article here.

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