The bidding is 1NT-2-2NT-3♥-3♠-4♣-4♦-4♠-4NT-5♥-5NT-6♠. 2NT from east was maximum with two top honors. 5NT grand-slam-try. You lead Q♥, partner play 2, declarer 7. What is your next card:


  1. a) 6♣ b) J♥ c) 6♠
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Solution: a) It looks like the declarer has KQ♠ AK♥ A♦. There is no room for Q♣ in the declarer’s hand. We can count 6 spades tricks, two heart tricks, two diamonds tricks, and one club trick. The twelfth trick could come from squeeze. The ducking of the declarer on the first round is to rectify the count. He has heart menace against you, diamonds menace against your partner, and club menace against both. If you continue with ♠ or ♥, declarer will cash two hearts, pitching diamond from dummy, then cash six spades; partner must keep three diamonds, and bare the Q♣; now A and K♦ will squeeze you in hearts and clubs. The club return on the second round will cut the communications to this squeeze.

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