West lead Q♦ against our 6♠. We won from dummy and ruff one diamond on the nest round. East follows with the 2 and K. Plan the play:

a) Drow three round of trumps, and play for 3-3 in diamonds

b) Cross to the A♥, and ruff one more diamond. If the diamonds are 4-2, play a trump towards the 10 to set one more entry to dummy

c) Play a trump toward the 10 to set one more entry for dummy in case the diamonds are 4-2 and the trumps are 3-1

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Bridge quiz 16 Intermediate Pro Bridge Lessons 1 

Solution: c) We can afford to lose one trump, because on the to clubs winners we can pitch our two losers in clubs and hearts. This way we can secure the contract from 4-2 in diamonds and 3-1 in spades.

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