You lead A♠ and K♠, partner play 9 and 7, the declarer follows with 2 and 3. You continue with:

a) 2♥ b) Q♦ c) 3♣ d) Q♣

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Bridge quiz 15 Intermediate Pro Bridge Lessons 1 

Solution: d) Partner has the Q♠. We are not sure about the J♠. If the declarer has the J♠, we need to set club trick before the declarer establishes the 10♠ and pitch his club loser. If we start with low club, declarer may play the 9 from dummy, then a club to the jack and our spade trick will disappear over the J♣. The solution is to play the Q♣ on the third round. We can create an entry to partner’s hand to cash the J♠ or the declarer will stay with four losers to the end.

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